Tervetuloa, avoin sessio jäsenille: Yugoslavian black wave – ma 24.10.2016

Helsingin elokuva-akatemian syyslukukausi on alkanut. Elävän kuvan seuran erikoissessio maanantaina 24.10. Olga Zamurovićin johdolla perehtyy Jugoslavian Black wave-suuntaukseen. Sessio Artlabilla Vallillassa (Nilsiänkatu 8) klo 17-20, vapaa pääsy kaikille elokuva-akatemialaisille. Ilmoita kuitenkin ennakkoon tulostasi, olga.zamurovich (a) gmail.com, niin osaamme varata tuoleja ja keksejä.

Tässä Olgan alustusta tulevaa sessiota varten. Huom. session kielenä englanti.

Akatemialaiset, huomioikaa, että toimintaa, kursseja tai pistemäisiä sessioita voi ehdottaa jatkuvasti ympäri vuoden! Kukaan ei ohjaa akatemian toimintaa ylhäältä tai alhaalta, järjestämme akatemian ohjelman itsellemme ja toisillemme.


”Black wave” is a term coined by the political establishment to characterise a number of films, most of them made during 1960’s and 70’s, that presented harsh and fairly studious critique of the political and social system in Yugoslavia. Unknowingly, they gave the most powerful name to the non-self-aware ”movement”, consisted of directors from various backgrounds, who apparently had no common prophecy or manifesto. Educated and indoctrinated by the incredible boom of liberal values and popularising of arts and culture following divorce with Stalinism, facing decent from those values and inversion of the ”pure ideological direction”, also as a reply to the state directed film industry showing a cartoon-like image of the ”socialist heaven”, these artists commit to, each in his own style (women are conspicuously not represented among directors), present and scrutinise the dark sides of life in a political dictatorship and the consequences this ”turning off the right track” has for the life of the individuals. Their works marked one epoch, by many the strongest period in a history of Yugoslavian filmmaking.

Large number of the films were bunkered, confiscated and even destroyed. Most of the authors found it only possible to leave the country. Many of them continued working abroad and produced significant films.

The session is an opening discussion on the topic. I will give the introduction and I’ll be showing clips from the films and discussing various details about how they relate to the reality they are reflecting. I would like us to also take a look at the audio-visual style and design as well as framing and editing in these clips.

My research is in its very beginning, I am in a phase of identifying sources and literature, so I would ask those who are coming and are interested or perhaps know something about the topic to think of the questions for the further research or to think of what you may have to say about it in discussion.

If you wish to familiarise yourself with films a bit, there are few with English subtitles that are available in Youtube, so here are the links.


Mysteries of the Organism


The Roll of my Family in World Revolution


Black film


And I will add this one for the curiosity. It doesn’t strictly belong to the black wave in any sense, but in my view has many same aspects.

Who’s Singing Over There?

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