Briefly in English

Helsingin elokuva-akatemia (Helsinki Film Academy) is a Finnish film school founded in 2011. We are a collective of 450 filmmakers teaching each other, sharing practices, learning together. There’s no division to students and teachers in the Helsinki Film Academy. We arrange weekly sessions, small workshops and courses that last the whole semester, depending on the needs of the members. Our aim is to give the best education possible in the field of cinema and audio-visuality in Finland by combining theory and practice. We want to develop the Finnish Film Industry to become more solid and open to creators regardless of their background. The first gathering of the Academy, in spring 2012, was convened by the founder, filmmaker Hannaleena Hauru.

The education language is currently Finnish. If you demand more in English, or if you want to support the Helsinki Film Academy by giving us a space, materials, money or immaterial goods, please contact our coordinator group at helsinkifilmacademy (a)